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Clean The Bog Tournament

All players who wish to participate in this tournament have to be in the room for an 8pm start. Joining in with the tournament ends after the first game after 8pm ends – no new sign ups will be accepted.


Each player who wishes to participate in the Clean The Bog tournament has to give the host one B (1 – 18) one O (73 – 90) and one G (55 – 72 ) number (spells BOG).


At the start of the tournament all players have 100 germs in their bogs and have to earn points to reduce these germs. Points are earned when all three numbers have been called and a claim has been made in chat by saying “I’m cleaning the bog”. The first valid claim will reduce the number of germs in the players bog by 10 points.


The first player to clean all the germs from their bog will win themselves 20,000 loyalty points (worth £20 in bonus funds) or £10 cash (payable the following day).


This tournament will last a maximum of two hours. If at this point no one has a sparkling clean bog then the players whose is the cleanest (i.e. has the least germs) will win. Should two or more players have the same number of germs, the prize will be split.


Small Print:

  1. You must have at least one card in play on each game in order to particpate in the tournament.
  2. At the end of the tournament the winner will be asked to choose cash or loyalty points. If no answer is received then loyalty points will automatically be credited.
  3. Please note that if the cash option is chosen, the funds will be credited within 24 hours of winning the tournament. 


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