Here at Tidy Bingo we offer some tidy jackpots too, and ticket prices that don’t break the bank. Our daily, weekly and monthly prizes should put a smile on your face, and we offer something to suit all budgets and schedules.


Fixed Prize Pre-Buy Games


Whether you’re a player who likes breakfast bingo or you prefer to log on in the evenings, you will find at least one fixed jackpot game to suit your schedule.


Each of the following games is available to pre-buy and this means that you don’t even need to be logged into your account to be a big winner with Tidy Bingo.

Fair And Square


The Fair and Square jackpot game plays every Wednesday at 8pm. It’s a game for those looking for a bargain because tickets cost just 1p each. There’s a £100 prize pool and this will be split as follows:


  • 1TG share £10
  • 2TG share £10
  • One line for £10
  • Two lines for £20
  • Full house for £50

Friday Fortune


As the name suggests, this game plays on a Friday evening. Now you might have plans to be out and about socialising with friends, but on pre-buy, you can still play along and still be a winner!


Tickets cost just 10p each and the prize pool is £250 which will be shared as follows:


1TG share £25

  • One line for £50
  • Two lines for £75
  • Full house for £100

VIP Jackpot


As well as an array of extras already on offer to you as a VIP (cashback, deposit bonuses and birthday bonuses) you are also given access to a special guaranteed jackpot game once a month where the prize money on offer is £500.


The game is only available to players who have reached at least a Bronze status in the Tidy Bingo VIP scheme, so you can expect smaller player numbers than in any of our standard guaranteed jackpot games. Smaller player numbers means a better chance of winning one of the three prizes on offer in this exclusive VIP jackpot game:

  • One line for £100
  • Two lines for £150
  • Full house for £250

There is just one VIP jackpot game every month and it plays at 9pm on the first Saturday of each month. Tickets for the VIP jackpot cost £1.


Pay Day Jackpot


The last day of the month often means ‘Payday’ for many people, and this can also mean an improved bingo budget to play your favourite games online. At Tidy Bingo we offer a guaranteed jackpot game on the last day of the month that offers an impressive jackpot of £2,000; a ‘tidy’ sum to add to your bank balance that should mean some treats for the following month!


Tickets are on sale all month and cost 50p each. The game plays at 8pm on the last calendar day of each month.


With payday often come plans to go out for the evening but even if you are heading out to paint the town red, you needn’t forfeit the chance to be a Pay Day winner. Simply buy your cards in advance, go and have a great night out and then log in to see if you took one of the following great prizes:

  • One line for £250
  • Two lines for £400
  • Full house for £600

What’s even better about this jackpot game is that you don’t even have to be a winner to take a share of the prize pool. Following a change to the rules in January 2015 the game now offers you the chance to win even when you lose by offering ‘Community’ pots.


  • 1TG share £250
  • 2TG share £250
  • 3TG share £250


Even as a loser you win with the Pay Day game at Tidy Bingo!


Progressive Jackpots


Progressive Jackpots work in a different way to the fixed jackpots in so far as they continually grow. A proportion of the ticket sales for each game is added to the progressive jackpot seeing it increase on each and every game.


We have a number of progressive jackpots on offer at Tidy Bingo; one for 75 and two for 90-ball bingo. Below you will find details of how each can be won.


90 Ball Progressive - Exclusive to Tidy Bingo Players


Across the 15 Network there are two progressive jackpots that can be won by any player from any site. Tidy Bingo have their very own progressive jackpot and it can only be won by players who are a) registered at Tidy Bingo b) playing in the Tidy Cupboard (our standalone room).


With every ticket that is sold 5% of the ticket price will be added to the progressive jackpot. For example, a game has 10p tickets, for each ticket sold £0.005 will be added to the jackpot. If a total of 80 tickets are sold for the game £0.40 will have been added to the prize money.


This exclusive jackpot starts off at £75 and this is the figure that it will reset to every time it is won. But how do you win the money? Simple really, just get a full house in 45 numbers or less and the prize money advertised in the top left of your screen will be added to your bingo balance instantly!


Just to brag a little bit we wanted to point out that the 90 ball network progressive is won in 39 calls or less, we’ve given our players an extra FIVE bingo calls, therefore a better chance of winning.


75 Ball Progressive Jackpot (Networked)


As is the case for the 90 ball progressive, you have to call bingo in a certain number of calls to take home the advertised 75 ball PJP. Unlike the 90 ball jackpot, the number of calls to win varies from pattern to pattern for 75 ball. You can see all the various maximum number of calls for each individual pattern by clicking the link below:


75 Ball Progressive Patterns and Calls


90 Ball Progressive Jackpot (Networked)


To win the progressive jackpot in the 90-ball room you have to win the full house in 39 calls or less.



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